1. New Life
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New Life

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New Water
Pouring Down

Peace of Mind
Lost and Found

New Water
Purest Life
I can't be
Without your Love
New Water
You've given

Me now I
Can Shine

And Fall
In Love

New Water
From Your Spring

You gave me everything
Free of Sin

Clear feelings

See brand new

With no Clue
Drawn to you

I feel alive

(New Life)
New Water
Purest life 

Given to
Us to shine

Brand new feel
We just ill
We didn't Care
About what was right

New water
No time to

Hide and Look back

We ain't new

That's the truth

I've been rolling down my windows just to find you

The most Beautiful of all

You've broken every ceiling they can't hide you

We see you in a thousand stars

You're meant to shine

Darling you're a brilliant in my mind

Can I see you tonight

(It's a new Life, Yeah It's sweet)
(It's like a new beginning.)
It's A New Life
(And God can give you a second chance if you let him)
Just open up your arms and let him in.)
(Brother it's a new life)
(And your story can be written)
It's A New Life
(Take a deep breath and shine your light)
Yeah you don't need to fit in)
(Listen just give in)
(Hide your pride take his hand
(And you will be forgiven
(Yeah you will forgiven if you lay away your pride
(And look into your heart) 

(You can find a sea of water deep within)